eMail Marketing & List-Building

List Building

Most of us, business owners, have heard it dozens of times... "The Money Is In The List!"

And this is truer than ever, especially in this post-pandemic world. Did you know that most of the businesses that were able to stay afloat during 2020 did so because they had a way to contact their customers to keep the sales coming?

Building a contact list should be a priority for any business, and especially for small and micro businesses that rely in repeated foot-traffic for on-going sales.

A list offers you a way to contact each one of your customers whenever you want, one-on-one. You can use your list to deliver special offers & coupons when business is slow, to keep them updated on your business and related news, and even offer specials on their birthday, among other things.

Above it all, a well crafted email sequence will build up the relationship with your customers and will keep your business in their mind, so your products and services will come up first when they need what you sell.

We have built lists into the thousands and can help you do the same. Contact us for exciting details!

Some of the benefits of List Building are:

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